December Daily : Day 22 – 28

Phew all that preparing and I cannot believe that Christmas is over and New Year is just a day away – where has the last year gone??

Well I have to admit it I have fully enjoyed December Daily and Project Life and l’m looking forward to scrapping a new project for next year.
The run upto Christmas this year has been energetic and fun.
  • Monday 23rd  – Tom and I spend the morning at the cinema in the city watching Turbo. The cinema was empty with just us and one other family. We spend the rest of the time last minute Christmas shopping before meeting Phil after work.
  • Tuesday 24th & Christmas Eve – We visit great gran and head out to the local pub for brunch. Such a nice way to start the day. We pack our clothes before travelling to my sisters. My sister has cooked us a lovely tea before the Christmas Elves drop off an early present for Tom, new PJ’s and a Book to read. We shower and then a couple more Christmas stories by the fire. We prepare Sherry (Jack Daniels) Mince Pie, Reindeer Dust and a Carrot all ready for Santa. Tom manages to wake 6 times during the night, but luckily doesn’t get up before 7.30am. 
  • Wednesday 25th & Christmas Day – Tom is so excited that he rushed down the stairs and takes a breath when he sees all the lovely presents under the tree. My sister is up preparing dinner already. Tom is amazing and takes his time opening his presents until my other sister Clare and hubby Matt arrives to open more presents. Its a shame that dad is not around to share in this with us today, but enjoy Skyping him to wish Merry Christmas instead. Clare and Matt leave and we enjoy a very yummy dinner with all the trimmings. Tom loves crackers and this year is it racing Santa’s, which is good fun. After lunch we settle down to watch the lovely movie the Polar Express. We play games with Tom and enjoy a buffet tea. Somewhere in between the movie and tea Santa returns to leave Tom another Present, which he was very grateful for and said made his Christmas fantastic!!.  
This photo of tom is one of my favourite of the day and is taken on my camera phone.
  • Thursday 26th Boxing Day –  We travel back to Nottingham to enjoy the day with Phils family. Its great to see the two cousins soo excited about opening their presents. We had another fun day.
 Friday 27th – With Phil back at work, I meet with friends to take our kids to Rollerworld and after to Markeaton Park in Derby. The kids lovely the roller skating, something we hadn’t tried before and great to wear them out.
Saturday 28th – With Phil still at work, Tom and me stay in our Pjs and relax. Tom plays with his toys while I do some housework and catch up with Project Life and Scrapbooking. When Phil gets home we relax with chocolate and watch Arthur Christmas.

Useful facts of the week…..My week goes from Monday to Sunday (22nd December – 28th December 2013). I am using a combination of Camera Phone and Camera Canon Isis Photos.

I am continuing the December Daily through to the 31st December, so please return to read about our last few days. I intend to include a couple of extra pages to hold Christmas paper, tags, a couple more photos and a list of Toms many Christmas Presents.

Thanks for looking, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  x

One thought on “December Daily : Day 22 – 28”

  1. Looks great and I am impressed that you got 'er done. I have started DD a couple different years and never made it past the first week with keeping up. 2014 will be my year! :)

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