Project Life 2013: Week 47 & Week 48

Week 47

Page 1 – Its start to feel a lot like winter with some of the first frost on the ground and having to scrap the car, brrrrrr. Phil and Tom head into the city for the turn on of the Christmas lights. Tom has worked hard all week preparing his Egyptian costume for school. he looks the part.

Page 2 – Friday night is for chilling so Phil enjoys a BIG pizza from Morrisons for tea. Saturday Tom is out with his friend Frankie’s for his birthday. They watch Nottingham Forest play football and win. Phil and I enjoy a day in the city xmas shopping. Nigel comes up to visit and on Sunday we head to Sherwood Pines to enjoy a day watching the Dukeries Rally. Its lovely in the forest with the colours of the late Autumn.


Week 48

See my write up for Week 48 HERE.

Useful facts of the week…..My two week goes from Monday to Sunday (18th November – 1st December 2013).
I am using a combination of Camera Phone and Canon Isis Photos.

Thanks for looking, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  x

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