December Daily : Day 22 – 28

Phew all that preparing and I cannot believe that Christmas is over and New Year is just a day away – where has the last year gone??

Well I have to admit it I have fully enjoyed December Daily and Project Life and l’m looking forward to scrapping a new project for next year.
The run upto Christmas this year has been energetic and fun.
  • Monday 23rd  – Tom and I spend the morning at the cinema in the city watching Turbo. The cinema was empty with just us and one other family. We spend the rest of the time last minute Christmas shopping before meeting Phil after work.
  • Tuesday 24th & Christmas Eve – We visit great gran and head out to the local pub for brunch. Such a nice way to start the day. We pack our clothes before travelling to my sisters. My sister has cooked us a lovely tea before the Christmas Elves drop off an early present for Tom, new PJ’s and a Book to read. We shower and then a couple more Christmas stories by the fire. We prepare Sherry (Jack Daniels) Mince Pie, Reindeer Dust and a Carrot all ready for Santa. Tom manages to wake 6 times during the night, but luckily doesn’t get up before 7.30am. 
  • Wednesday 25th & Christmas Day – Tom is so excited that he rushed down the stairs and takes a breath when he sees all the lovely presents under the tree. My sister is up preparing dinner already. Tom is amazing and takes his time opening his presents until my other sister Clare and hubby Matt arrives to open more presents. Its a shame that dad is not around to share in this with us today, but enjoy Skyping him to wish Merry Christmas instead. Clare and Matt leave and we enjoy a very yummy dinner with all the trimmings. Tom loves crackers and this year is it racing Santa’s, which is good fun. After lunch we settle down to watch the lovely movie the Polar Express. We play games with Tom and enjoy a buffet tea. Somewhere in between the movie and tea Santa returns to leave Tom another Present, which he was very grateful for and said made his Christmas fantastic!!.  
This photo of tom is one of my favourite of the day and is taken on my camera phone.
  • Thursday 26th Boxing Day –  We travel back to Nottingham to enjoy the day with Phils family. Its great to see the two cousins soo excited about opening their presents. We had another fun day.
 Friday 27th – With Phil back at work, I meet with friends to take our kids to Rollerworld and after to Markeaton Park in Derby. The kids lovely the roller skating, something we hadn’t tried before and great to wear them out.
Saturday 28th – With Phil still at work, Tom and me stay in our Pjs and relax. Tom plays with his toys while I do some housework and catch up with Project Life and Scrapbooking. When Phil gets home we relax with chocolate and watch Arthur Christmas.

Useful facts of the week…..My week goes from Monday to Sunday (22nd December – 28th December 2013). I am using a combination of Camera Phone and Camera Canon Isis Photos.

I am continuing the December Daily through to the 31st December, so please return to read about our last few days. I intend to include a couple of extra pages to hold Christmas paper, tags, a couple more photos and a list of Toms many Christmas Presents.

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December Daily : Day 16 – 21

All the preparations and Christmas is over – now roll on 2014.
We’ve had a chill out day today – is it wrong to say i’m still in my PJ’s??

And so to catch up…. I’m over a week behind in December Daily and still 4-5 weeks in Project Life.

For my December Daily I’ve used post-it notes as reminders for the blank days. This has helped loads.

The finished week …..

Saturday 21st – Last minute shopping before heading down to our friend’s house. We enjoy tea with the family before watching the final of Strictly Come Dancing, then watched a Christmas Movie
Sunday 22nd  – After a lovely breakfast and a mixture of weather the boys were lucky and managed to play outside. We chilled and enjoyed mince pies and coffee and then more movies. After driving back to Nottingham, I caught up with my work colleagues for our Christmas meal.
Useful facts of the week…..My finished week goes from Monday to Sunday (16th December – 22nd December 2013).

  • I am using a combination of Camera Phone and Canon Isis Photos.


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December Daily : Day 13 – 15

I am loving the December Daily project this year … and scarily we are half way through December already…… with only 10 sleeps to go to Santa arrives!!!

Friday 13th Phil wore his Christmas Jumper to work today. After School Tom enjoyed the Applegrath Zone Christmas Party. Food, Music and Reindeer Food. To start the weekend off we also watch Elf on DVD. Tom laughed from start to finish, with his favourite part when Elf got stuck in the rotating doors.
Saturday 14th – Hairdressers for me while the boys chill at home. We manage some Christmas shopping, before heading out to the Harvester at WIlford for tea to celebrate Grandad Geoff’s birthday. Its great meeting up with the family, and I love it when Tom and Grace laugh together.

Sunday 15th – One tradition which Phil and I have luckily always manage is to enjoy Leamington Spa’s Sunday Christmas Market. They close the main road off to traffic and there are some fab stalls. We even managed it in the snow one year. The last couple of years we’ve joined the tradition with celebrating mums birthday after she died 2 years ago. Its hard and I miss her loads and loads, but its lovely time to reflect, and I know she would love the fact that we meet with her brother to remember.
2009 – Tom aged 4 – we always helped granny blow out her birthday candles.

 2010 – Tom aged 5 – one of my favourite pictures.

Useful facts of the week…..My finished week goes from Monday to Sunday (9th December – 15th December 2013).

  • I am using a combination of Camera Phone and Canon Isis Photos.


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I will update with better photos when it is daylight again!! x

December Daily : Day 9 – 12

December is zooming past far too quickly.

I’ve not finished my Christmas Shopping and I’m only half way through writing my Christmas Cards too.

Monday 9th – Normal day at work and school and a evening chilling. Until that is you hear the Round Table music and you hear Santa. Its 7.45pm and Tom has just gone to bed. He jumps out of bed, we open the door, and i’m sure the whole Street can hear him shout SANTA.

Tuesday 10th – Toms last Nativity at School, and this year his year group get to perform on stage. Tom is a fab ink keeper, and we are really proud that he has learnt the songs so well. All the children perform and sing lovely. Toms day is made when he spots Grandad Harwood and Ann in the audience, you could see his smile widen.

Wednesday 11th – Today its the turn of Granny and Grandad Moore to watch the Nativity at school

Thursday 12th – After swimming tonight Tom is very proud to show me his TWO new certificates. He has made his 25 metre swimming award and Level 4. He has worked hard towards that this term. Well done little man.

Useful facts of the week…..My finished week will go from Monday to Sunday (9th December – 15th December 2013).

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December Daily : Day 7 – 8

I am loving the December Daily this year.

Along side with catching up with my project life I am finding December easy. I’m not making my pages too fancy as I am aiming to keep the entire project into just one Album. 
Saturday 7th – Visit to the Christmas Tree Festival at our local Church. Tom is really pleased to find his star on one of the trees. Tom also starts to write his Christmas Cards to his school friends.
Sunday 8th – The day starts with a visit to Church for the Christingle Service. Afterwards he head off to meet my sisters.
If there is enough room at the end of the project I am hoping to squeeze in a small extra page to show some more of the Santa visit.
For the last few years my sister has organised a trip to see Santa. Its such a lovely experience, and Tom guessed this year where we were going.
Tom was amazing, on the way to Sheffield in the car Tom said to my sisters…. “Mummy says I am not to tell you but we Santa won’t be real…… (I’m holding my breath at this point)….. He’s far too busy getting all the presents ready. It will just be one of his helpers”.

Santa visits are the best Christmas Tradition you can have.
Thanks for making it a special one Clare. x x x

Useful facts of the week…..My week goes from Monday to Sunday (2nd December – 8th December 2013).

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December Daily : Day 2 – 6

I am loving my December Daily already, and my pre-printed cards are making it a lot more manageable for me.

What a busy first 5 days of December……

  • Monday 2nd – Phil is off work and is helping out at his parents house, he had also gone shopping for his xmas jumper.
  • Tuesday 3rd – After work it is time for some spellings and games.
  • Wednesday 4th – Tonight it is our yearly tradition to walk into our local town and watch the light switch on. Tom isn’t in the parade this year, but we enjoy chips out of the bag while watching the fun.
  • Thursday 5th – With high speed winds upto 60mph locally there was disruption on the roads and we lost a fence post and panel which we made safe as soon as we arrived home. Tom enjoyed swimming tonight. After returning to swimming after a year break, and 3 months in he has achieved his 25 meter badge which he was very very proud of, as we are too. Tom was pleased to write today’s diary note.
  • Friday 6th – busy day at work and school for us all. Tom is having a new bed tomorrow so after 2 years its time to dismantle his bunkbed. Our little boy is growing up fast.

Useful facts of the week…..My week goes from Monday to Sunday (2nd December – 8th December 2013).

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Project Life 2013: Week 48 & December Daily : Day 1

Wow where do the weeks go, and I can’t believe December is here already.

I know I am many weeks behind with my project life, but I have kept a document of all the weeks and hopefully it won’t take me too long to catch up.

In the meantime December Daily for me this year is going to be included within my project life. I bought my daily cards this year, and they are in my folder ready and waiting. With this in mind it has made my job of documenting the first week a lot easier. If you’ve not heard of Ali Edwards check out her fab website here for all the information.

Week 48

Page 1 – The weather is getting colder, brrrr and we have another couple of days of frost. Tom is catching up with his homework, then had the sickness bug so we come home from school early (but he was ok to eat his lunch!?) saying nothing else he was ok to go back to school the next day. At the end of the week it was more homework with a oil and water experiment.

Page 2 – Its another fun packed weekend!! We pop to see Great Gran now she is back at home after her stay in hospital. We travel to our friends house for the Saturday afternoon, where the boys play before heading out to see their Christmas light switch on.
…… its December Daily time…..yehhhhh!!!
On Sunday Tom wakes up and dashes into our bedroom to tell us the Elves have delivered his advent calendar. We head over to my Dad’s new house for the first time. Its lovely and they have made it a real home. After lunch we head out for a walk in the Autumn sunshine.

This close up is one of my favourite pictures.
Dad and Tom laughing always make me smile.
I know I am going to find this year’s December Daily hard with only 1 photo and some journalling, but that’s ok its all about documenting the season, recording the traditions, family and all the fun activities I will holds I can’t wait.
Useful facts of the week…..My week goes from Monday to Sunday (25th November – 1st December 2013).
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December Daily 2013 : The Preparation

I love this time of the year… Halloween, Fireworks… and …. December Daily.
Another year has flown past really quickly!!!

I have been lucky enough to join in with the December Daily for the past 2 years and I love it. Looking back the memories and thoughts are so special. I’m not very good at remembering the details and I feel for me the diary gives me an insight to all our family activities during the special Christmas period.

You can check back on some of my pages here or just search for the labels for December Daily.

If I am truly honest there are a couple of blank pages in both of the 2011 & 2012 diaries that I have not completed. But to be honest that’s ok. It’s a busy period, and i’m really pleased with what I have created.

I love it!!

The idea is based on Ali Edwards original design. Ali has fab ideas and all the information can be found on her website. I truly love her inspiration and clear pages. My diary is a long way from her perfection and that’s OK to because its all about your own memories.


For this year I have tried to be organised early.
My sister and I have been on-line and discussed the different supplies that we are going to use. Once everything had arrived we met up and started preparing our diaries it was so much fun deciding on how we were going to design our covers and pages.

For me this year I am not going to complete the traditional diary as I am already completing Project Life. I thought completing both projects might be a little stressful. So I am hoping to mix the two ideas. It doesn’t really matter where you document the fun, its just really exciting writing down the memories.

For my base products this year I have bought Simple Stories papers so I can combine the two projects. The pretty pages are called December Documented and are so lovely.

I have bought:

All I have to do now is wait a whole month for the magic to start. I am going to keep the core papers and cards in a box so they are to hand and hopefully fill them in most days.

I’m also hoping to use some of the Ali Edwards products that I won last year in one of her fab competitions. Check out my post here.

Update 13th November 2013
If my sister-in-law is looking look away now!!!

For my sister-in-laws Christmas present I have made her a December Daily album ready to complete. She has a young family and she is a keen scrapper with little time at the moment. This I’m hoping she can complete as they month progresses and will an ever lasting memento of the jolly Christmas period.


  • It has enough blank pages to complete a day during December.
  • I’ve also included smaller page extra inserts for the busy days and envelopes where you could include private messages or receipts. 
  • I have printed off round numbers 1-31 for the days where she can add them to her pages.
  • I have a pile of 3×4 blank cards ready to be written on, a sheet of stickers and some tiny stamps and inks. I’m going to wrap up the accessories individually so she has something to look forward to as the month progresses.
  • I have deliberately not numbered the pages just in case she wants to move the pages around.
  • I’ve started the front page as inspiration, and I can’t wait to see the final result.
  • This is certainly a present made with love which I am sure she is going to enjoy, just as my sister did back in 2011 when I made her a similar one. :) x x

I would love for anyone visiting my blog to post a link to their December Daily so I can share your ideas and magic to. Thank you for visiting and Happy Christmas 2013. x

Ali Edwards Giveaways

How lucky was I on December 27th to realise I had a won one of Ali Edwards giveaways.

Ali is the originator of the December Diary and I always keep upto date with her blog, so I was really really chuffed to find out I had won a set of her December Digitals. It has totally made my xmas!!!!!!!!!!

You can check out Ali’s website/blog here..

You can check out my winning giveaway here ….Giveaway Blog Post

I can’t thank Ali enough, and I am going to use a couple on my December Diary this year, and totally use them next year too. It’s the first time I have used digitals and I’m already hooked. Phil & the credit card had better watch out.

I’ve had a try already and I am going to use this photo on my December 25th Diary Page, but thought I would share it here first. I love the overlays!!

Thanks Ali for such a wonderful xmas gift. I can’t thank you enough .x

December Daily – Day 31 – New Years Day

Today was Monday and more importantly New Years Eve. Pam held a fab party which was enjoyed by everyone and of cause some lovely food too. The kids had fun and for the first year Tom stayed up as well until 1am.


I can’t believe that it’s the last day of my diary. Where has the month disappeared so quickly? I have really enjoyed the documenting and writing about all the December Days again this year. Thanks for following me. In the month to come I will catch up with my days over xmas and complete the important cover. I will also update the pages I have written about with my page, and finish with a final sum-up. Its this last bit that I find the hardest.

More Importantly thanks for following my posts.
My Five New Years Resolutions are:
1 – Finish off December Diary
2 – More Daily Scrapbooking in 2013
3 – To meet with Liz & Clare for a day of Scrapbooking.
4 – for a 3rd year try and take a photo a day and complete an on-line diary of events. You never know I might even complete a photobook with the pictures at the end of the year?
5 – Have another go at Project 12.

Happy New Year x x x