Robin Hood Way Section 2 : Wollaton Hall to Strelley – 6.5 Miles

As the sun is trying to peep through on another grey day we thought we would set off for part 2 on the Robin Hood Way walk.

We are going to try and walk more than the 2.8 miles in the book today. We leave our car at the Broad Oak pub in Strelley and walk to a nearby bus stop to catch a local 35 bus.



We jump off near Wollaton Park, where we walk the short distance to the park. We buy cups of tea ready for the walk (ice cream for Tom) and set off in the direction of the lake.

Start of walk at Wollaton Hall.

We walk out of the park and walk through a residential area before walking through some nice local parks.  Hard to believe these areas are hidden amongst all these houses. Found this beautiful boundary sign hiding in the hedge.

Boundary Sign

 The walk takes us along a disused golf course before heading up into Bramcote Park. Along this stretch we saw our first Robin hooks way sign!!!!

Robinhoodway Sign

Today’s walk should really have ended here at Bramcote Park….

Bramcote Park

…..but we knew we could walk more than the recommended 2.8 miles.  

wpid-wp-1453586166404.jpegWe managed to take the wrong path by the Hemlock Stone, but we were soon on the right track.  Local fields were muddy,  but this just gave the walk a bit of fun and laughter.

Bridge crossing old Notts Canal
Bridge crossing old Notts Canal


Tom was asking questions like why the canal had no water,  and we were all surprised to see an old lock.

We walked past Trowell Garden Centre and could easily see the M1 motorway from here.  We are started to get tired now, but keep pushing on.

5 Geo's found today
5 Geo’s found today


Great views back to the city and of Wollaton Hall lit up at night.  The evening is drawing in,  and the light fading quickly.

We end our walk today meeting our friends at the pub for a well deserved tea. We can certainly recommend the Broad Oak.

2016-01-23 12.44.53

Section 2 – Walk Stats

  • Weather – mostly cloudy but a mild 10°C which meant that our hats were not on long.
  • Time –  3 hours – (1.43pm – 4.50pm)
  • Geocaches – 5 (Phil x 2,  Tom x 3, Tracey x 0)
  • Miles – 7.5 counting the extra walk from the bus.
  • Wildlife – Squirrels and Doves, walked around a farm, which hard the usual sheep, cows, hens but also lamas, and emu’s.  Not many birds but we did spot a bluetit,  robin , and as it was getting dark a family of magpies.
  • Route Instructions – Spot on again and fab to see the signs
  • Distance on Route – 12 miles walked – 93 miles remaining.
  • Section 1 – Nottingham Castle to Wollaton Hall can be found here
  • RobinHood Way link.
2016-01-23 15.08.39
Robinhood Way Sign

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