Robin Hood Way Section 6: Papplewick to Blidworth

We are enjoying the Easter Holiday. As it’s the weekend Phil is off work so we head out in the sunshine for the next section of the Robin Hood Way walk.

Last time we finished the walk early, so we park up in Papplewick and head to start the walk on Moor Road (B683).

Start of walk.

We’ve had some rain over the past week so some of the ground was quite muddy.

The Moore's

On my timeline this morning on facebook, it showed we had been geocaching for 3 years, where does the time go. We have clocked up over 400 caches since then and still love it. Found a few more today to add to our total.

Geocache, fab hiding place!

We continued along the path towards Burnt Stump.


We arrive at Burntstump and my phone has already clicked up 3 miles, akkk.


Enjoyed a quick stop and cuppa.

We pick up today’s walk and we are truely enjoying the sunshine, all our coats are off.
Tom finds a rope swing amongst the trees in the park. At each swing we hear a cracking,  until on the 4 time it snaps! Whoops.

We walk past the woods  and walk a stretch on the road, such a shame there is no route in the forest and I hope this is something they continue to work with the foresty commission. The Papplewick Pumping Station is closed today. I’ve been in Nottingham over 10 years and have still not visited here, something on my to do list.

Outside Papplewick Pumping Station.

We continue walking to Blidworth Woods, the sun is still shining, and after a stop for sandwiches we set off walking up small inclines.



The foresty commission have been busy felling trees. We chat about the trees and are amazing at how large and small the trunks are.



We are getting tired now and continue  walking past lots of horses and pigs. Tom continues to question us about different types of farmers.
We reach Blidworth very tired and we have walked 8.76 miles in total, phew!
Throughly enjoyed the spring sunshine today.


Luckily the walk comes out right next to the local bus stop. Phil has worked out that we can catch the 141 Trent Barton bus back to Papplewick. We wait a short 10 minutes and if by magic the bus arrives.

Walk Stats
Weather: sunshine and cloudy 10oC
Time: 4 hours with two stops.
Geocaches: 4, 1 for Tracey, 3 for Phil
Miles: 8.75
Wildlife: local dog walkers, Horses,  pigs
Route Instructions: good, no direction on the last walk up Beck Lane
Distance on Route 30.25 miles walked, 76.75 miles remaining.

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