Robin Hood Way Section 2 : Bulwell to Hucknall – 4.2 Miles

As we live locally we decide to finish the last stretch which we missed last time due to poor light.

We set off from Hucknall and head towards Bulwell.

Farleys Lane Bridleway

A few people around, and we can see the start of spring.

Tree Blossom


The views across to Rolls Royce are ever changing at the moment with the housing works taking place.


Tom thinks it’s funny to be taking photos of buds, when he is my buddy!!

My bud!

We walk upto Bulwell Golf Centre where we start today’s Robin Hood Way walk.

Jumping along the rocks.

We walk through the wood.

Beautiful Owl
Wild Garlic Growing

At the bottom of the stream we met the Hucknall Road where we end today’s Robin Hood Way before walking home.

Enjoying sunshine.

Walk Stats
Miles – 4.2
Robin Hood Way Distance
Weather – 4oC
Quiet with the humming sound of traffic on the Hucknall Bypass.
Wildlife – A couple of dog walkers and horse enjoying the dry weather.
Time 1pm-2.40pm

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