AA walk Old Sarum – 5 miles

We decided today was going to be a nice calm day to walk in Sailsbury,  however we didn’t plan for it to be a stuffy 25°C warm temperature.

We decided to start the walk from the Old Sarum in Sailsbury. We arrived early to enjoy looking around the Old Sarum first.

Lovely views back to Sailsbury  and although it’s hard to imagine the original town being here it was nice to have a nosey.

We headed down the road to pick up the path around the base of the Old Sarum. You need to ensure you pick up the footpath and not the cyleroute.

Along this path it was meadow like with many beautiful flowers.

With beautiful views across the countryside.

It was a nice rest down the lane from the sunshine.

We walked into the lovely village of Stratford sub Castle and admired the Church (with the one handed clock) and  Mawarden Court.

The old slight change to the directions would be to remove the telephone box comment as it is no longer there.

After leaving the village, we crossed the river Avon and walked along the footpath where there where amble of blackberries which we enjoyed. Shane we didn’t gave any boxes to take some home.

We stopped at a local recreation park and enjoyed our sandwiches overlooking the river Avon. The water is so clear you could see the many fishes.

We didnt walk the short path i to Sailsbury ad we had walked atoud the tiwn earlier in the week. The walk was peaceful and the walk up the lane back to Old Sarum was quiet.

We passed the site of the Parliament Tree.

We ve also spotted a few of these bright red plants over the past two weeks of our holiday.

Having googled the picture since we have arrived home the plant it called the Cuckoo Pint, which as we guessed with its bright red berries is poisonous. It is from the Arum family. It is also called Starchwort and was used in Elizabeth an times to starch cuffs and ruffs.

Love the views back to Old Sarum.

Thanks for a fab walk.

Walk Sats 

Weather: 25°C warm with a mix of cloud and sunshine. Two weeks of warm weather has left the ground dry and walk ok with just trainers on.

Time: 2hours 15 mins including a stop for lunch.

Miles 5 miles?(Need to check againSt maverick).

Wildlife: lots of bright butterflies today.

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