December Daily – 5th

After catching up on the past 2 days I must be tired as I’ve just smugged today’s post. Only minutes before Phil had told me today is the 5th not 6th as I had just stamped on the circle showing the date…. dohhh!

Time for bed. My only decision for tomorrow is do I keep the page in to remind me, or re-do???

December Daily – 4th

Its Sunday and a day of rest. Its my dads birthday, so i’ve added an extra photo that was taken last week. Happy Birthday Dad!! x x

Phil and I spent the morning cleaning while Tom playing on the wii and playstation. After cooking lunch we settled down into a Disney DVD classic Aladdin.

An extra photo of Toms birthday card to grandad.

December Daily – 3rd

Ok so I tried to download blogger to my mobile with little joy. I’m afraid I am a little behind with my posts… so here I go…..
Saturday 3rd
Phil was working in the morning, so Tom and I had a lazy morning, with a little cleaning. the afternoon and evening was spent with our friends Michelle and Darren back home in Warwickshire. We had arranged to go sleding at Tamworth SnowDome. I was a bit apprehensive, but soon loved the trill of sledging down the 170 meter slope. I’ve included a couple of the pages from the leaflet into my diary too.

December Daily – 2nd

After a hectic day at work, Phil & Tom came to pick me up from the train station. I arrived home to find Phil had cooked tea and Tom had been drawing and writing. Tom is really enjoying writing  at the moment. I had to include what he had completed, but Tom in true style wanted to show his school class next week. I’m left scanning in his handy work to include on today’s post.

Tom Wrote…..”I like Christmas because you get presents and cards. I like Christmas because Jesus was born on that day. But the things I don’t like is Santa doesn’t get any presents”.

December Daily – 1st

For me this page was all about the advent calendar, and Tom rushing into my bedroom when he woke up asking where the advent calendar had come from???

I decided on a full page spread for this one, Tom proudly displaying his calendar. The journalling on the side reads….. “Thomas…. who left the advent calendar, I can’t find number one, all the other numbers are so shiney….when can I eat my chocolate?”